Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tiny Budgets and Big Successes: 5 Low-Budget Movies That Made it Big

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Sometimes, movies with very small budgets can provide a great return on investment and make millions, giving hope to amateur filmmakers. This is a list of five low-budget movies that were great successes at the box office.
 The supernatural horror film is about a young couple who think that their house is haunted. The film – written, edited, and directed by Oren Peli – was shot in a way that made it appear to be “found footage” from cameras the couples had set up around the house. With a measly budget of just $15,000, the film was shot as an independent feature before it was bought by Paramount Pictures for $350,000. In total, the film grossed $197 million – which makes it one of the most profitable movies (in terms of return on investment) ever.
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