Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 8 Most Influential Art Dealers in the World

Moving one step up from his 2012 position in the rankings is Glenn David Lowry - the Director of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Mr. Lowry is head of the museum’s contemporary art program and has directed a $900 million investment campaign toward the museum’s restoration, extension, and endowment.
 He has lectured and written on topics such as the role of museums in society and contemporary artists and their work. Some of his publications include: The Museum of Modern Art in This Century New York (2009), Designing the New Museum of Modern Art New York (2004), and MOMA Highlights: 325 Works from The Museum of Modern Art New York (2002). He has also written for Time magazine.
 In 1995, The New York Fine Arts Support Trust, created by David Rockefeller and Agnes Gund, paid Lowry $5.35 million in an effort to recruit him for the museum. This was in addition to the compensation supplied by the museum, which consisted of a salary, bonuses, and benefits of $1.28 million. Since 2004, Lowry has been living rent-free in a $6 million apartment purchased by The New York Fine Arts Support Trust, situated in MoMA’s residential tower.
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