Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Short Track Speed Skater With an Even Shorter Temper

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The final short track speed skating tournament before the Winter Olympics, the European Championships, featured a surprising plot twist when Sjinkie Knegt managed to get himself disqualified, missing out on his silver medal finish. According to him, the emotions and frustration of the loss got the better of him. The obvious conclusion he reached in the spur of the moment was to flip off the Russian skater, Viktor Ahn. 
Viktor Ahn, born Ahn Hyun-Soo, competed for South Korea for most of his career. After becoming a Russian citizen in 2011, he started to race for his adopted country. At the 2006 Olympics, held in Italy, Ahn won three gold medals and one bronze. All this was probably on Knegt’s mind as he watched Ahn race past him for the number one spot. That was obviously not going to do.
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