Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gadgets We Wish Actually Existed - The Hoverboard

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 In the year 1989, the first GPS satellites were launched into orbit, and Nintendo introduced the first Game Boy in Japan. But Michael J. Fox took us all back to the future, to the year 2015, by soaring above the ground on the Mattel Hoverboard – a gadget that captured the hearts and imagination of a generation. 
Resembling a skateboard without wheels, Hoverboards also applied the same basic principal - requiring momentum by the rider to use, and most of them would not work on terrain such as water and ice. However, the powerful rocket-fired “PitBull” model - which featured three attachments, was shown to work on low traction surfaces as well. Other models in the trilogy included the “No Tech” hoverboard, and the “Rising Sun”, used by members of Griff’s gang to chase Marty around the Courthouse Mall.
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