Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cicada 3301- The Internet’s Creepiest, Hardest Puzzle is Back

The aforementioned message – contained in an image posted online – is what started it all. For the third year in a row, ‘Cicada 3301’ has initiated an internet scavenger hunt. The origins of this anonymous puzzle remain a mystery, but coders have been invited to take part in this Da Vinci code-esque treasure hunt to be recruited into an unknown and mysterious organization.
 Online forums and blogs from all over the world have expressed their opinions about the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of this elaborate game. Some people believe it to be nothing more than a psychopathic hoax to keep people busy – an internet troll artist having some fun. Yet others have been posting their progress for everyone to see online.
 One might ask, why the cicada? Why 3301? The connection between the symbol and name are prime numbers, or numbers that are only divisible by one and themselves.
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