Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beating the Burial Blues: A French Company Designs Fun and Colorful Headstones

 When you think of a cemetery, what comes to mind? Big gray headstones, morose marble angels – it’s all creepy as hell. That’s what Funeral Concept wants to change. The company creates iron headstones printed in bright colors and with specific images, selected by the loved ones of the deceased. Each headstone is unique and custom-made to suit the client.
 Freddy Pineau, the founder, said that the idea came to him when someone close passed away and he was tasked with the funeral arrangements. The headstones he had to choose from were gloomy and not at all what he wanted for his loved one. Pineau worked at a metallurgy company, from where he acquired a laser cutter – which inspired him to start his own business. He created some painted steel models, and showed them to professionals who jumped on board.
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