Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Automakers Take CES by Storm

 Ford (F) announced yesterday, a major revamp of its SYNC in-car infotainment system, which now includes a more user friendly and intuitive interface, and voice notifications. The system will be natively embedded in Ford’s new Mustang, and will eventually make its way onto most Ford vehicles by the end of the year. The SYNC platform delivers a cloud-based voice recognition system that responds to the user’s commands.
Ford also unveiled its new C-Max Solar Energi Concept vehicle that incorporates roof-mounted solar panels to power its electric drivetrain. The concept is being touted as an alternative to conventional battery electric vehicles that require drivers to stop and plug in their vehicles to recharge the batteries. The C-Max Solar Engeri uses a “concentrator lens” to focus the sun’s rays onto the solar panels, charging the batteries enough in a full day to let the car run for 21 miles on solar energy alone.
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