Wednesday, January 22, 2014

9 Macroeconomic Indicators for the Layman

Bidness Etc - 9 Macroeconomic
 If you have only a basic understanding of the economy and finance is as alien to you as Greek, then you are in the right place. Finance is all about economics, and economics is all about choices. Since your choices are only as good as your understanding of the business, we believe that bringing you up to speed is imperative. Here’s Bidness Etc’s nine important macroeconomic indicators for the layman.

GDP Growth

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total value of the goods and services produced in an economy. The figure, along with the GDP per capita, is a primary indicator of the well-being of the economy. On the other hand, GDP growth shows the movement in GDP relative to an earlier period. This metric is used to measure how much the economy has grown in a given timeframe. GDP growth can also be negative, which indicates that the economy actually shrank. Recessionary periods are marked by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.
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