Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toast-Modern Art 2.0

Have you ever wondered what certain paintings mean? Have you ever wandered through a museum, and felt at a complete loss as to why these paintings fetch such exorbitant amounts of money? Look no further. We will show you what postmodern art is all about, and how it can transcend even the most basic objects, like bread. This isn’t postmodern, this is toast-modern.

A toast-modern take on Jackson Pollock’s “Convergence” (1952)


This image holds a paradox within it: the quiet and organized room with a chaotic painting on toast. The mess of colors represents letting go and being free, while the room strips you of that because, really, how creative can you get with a sofa and a plant? This is a comment on society stripping you of identity and forcing you to conform to its norms and values. Read More : TM

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