Monday, December 16, 2013


It can be dismaying for BlackBerry users to take a leap of faith and discard their QWERTY keyboards for touchscreen phones. As a solution, Typo Products, backed by US TV presenter Ryan Seacrest, has attempted to bridge the gap by creating a physical keyboard that slides onto touchscreen phones. Seacrest has invested $1 million in the phone keyboard and is listed as a co-founder on the Typo Products company website. This detachable keyboard is set to launch in January 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. It costs $99 (£60) and will be available on the iPhone 5 and 5s handsets. This accessory will also be available for other smartphones and tablet versions later next year.


The keyboard slides onto the bottom of the phone and connects to the software via Bluetooth. When a user wants to write a message, Email, or Facebook post, for example, they can easily type it out on the physical keyboard and the key strokes will be sent wirelessly to the phone in real-time. Read More : APPL, BB

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