Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013’s TIME Person of the Year


Dubbed “The People’s Pope,” Pope Francis is 2013’s TIME Person of the Year.
The 77-year-old has changed the views people have of the Church and the Papacy. He’s shown that the Church is not necessarily the stereotypical conservative, right-wing institution it has a label for. Instead, he’s tried to move it more toward the center.
Edward Snowden was a close Number 2, courtesy the NSA scandal. The whistleblower that changed global politics was also Bidness Etc’s pick for Person of the Year. Edith Windsor was Number 3 for her efforts, in a year when she became the new international leader for LGBT rights. Bashar Assad was Number 4 for being able to keep his power as Syria’s ruler despite major international pressure and domestic instability. Number 5 was Ted Cruz who led the government shutdown in an effort to rebel against Obamacare. The Holy Father, however, beat them all to it with his charismatic leadership of one of the world’s largest institutions. Read More : TPY

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